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Is the cost of waiting worth it?

by Kandace Conn, Transaction Manager/Team Leader

Below shows what the interest rate is now and what it is projected to be next year. It is a significant amount of money if you wait until next year. 


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Are home values increasing?

by Kandace Conn, Transaction Manager/Team Leader

In the chart below, it is broken down by state on how much prices have increased in the past year. For more information or to discuss the what your home is worth, call us at 847-222-8686!



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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

by Kandace Conn, Transaction Manager/Team Leader

Buying or Selling: Now Is The Time!

by Kandace Conn, Team Leader/Transaction Manager

With the winter months around the corner, most will expect the real estate market to slow down. However, there are many motives as to why both buyers and sellers should dive into the market now rather than wait until the spring.

There will be two major details that will factor into the cost increase of purchasing a home next spring: homes prices and mortgage rates.

One simple concept. Supply and Demand. When the inventory is low, sellers will get the best price because the demand is high and due to the above, demand will remain strong throughout this winter.

The Road to Recovery Continues...

by The "Stick With Steve" Team

According to a report from the Federal Reserve from 2012, an average American's homeowner net worth is over 30 times great than that of renters, see chart.This chart shows an average American homeowner's net worth is $174,500, and the average renter's is $5,100. 

According to a recent survey done by, people consider that cash and real estate are the two top ways to invest money that is not needed for more than 10 years. This statement proves that owning a home is a great way to build health. If the American public believes that real estate is a good investment, then we will continue on the road to recovery which is a positive thing for everyone!



EXCITING NEWS for The "Stick with Steve" Team!

by The "Stick With Steve" Team

Please join us in welcoming Steve Cohen's son, Daniel Cohen, to the Stick with Steve team.

Daniel grew up in the Palatine area and went on to study at the University of Illinois graduating in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Sports Management.

Prior to joining the team, Daniel worked as a Senior Associate for Madison Street Capital, which is a middle market investment bank. Daniel is Steve’s son and it has always been his goal to make a transition into the real estate business.

Daniel has always loved playing as well as watching sports, but instead of becoming a sport agent he has unquestionably decided to join the team and become a Realtor. With his widespread knowledge and background of the business, Daniel will do whatever it takes to find his clients their dream home.

Mortgage Rates

by The "Stick With Steve" Team

The current mortgage rates are continuing to climb. Take advantage of where they are at now and give us a call today and we will find you your dream home!

Inspiration For The Day

by The "Stick With Steve" Team

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
Helen Keller 

Say Goodbye to 3% Interest Rates

by The "Stick With Steve" Team

Say farewell to the ultra-low mortgage rates. For the past month, rates have been on the rise and are expected to continue this way. 

This week, an average 30-year fixed rate mortgage has jumped another 10 percentage points, bringing it closer to 4%. For those seeking a 15-year loan came to an average of 3.03% which is up from 2.56%, which is a record LOW!

"It's unlikely that rates will ever be that low again," said Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae's chief economist.

With all that being said, mortgage rates are continuously rising and it is best to take advantage of the rate we have now than to wait for them to drop again. Give us a call today and we can help you find your dream home!

Can’t Buy? WE CAN HELP!

by Kandace Conn, Team Leader/Transaction Manager

The “Stick with Steve” team works directly with an amazing company who can help you find the home of your dreams if you are not currently qualified to buy! We know, it sounds too good to be true, but it is not! We are devoted to providing help to families or individuals who want to become a homeowner. This company will buy the home of your dreams that you personally pick out, CASH, and rent it to you for a minimum of one year but you will have Lease with Purchase Right. If this sounds of any interest to you, please call us at 847-222-8686 and set up an appointment to hear more about this program!

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 12