We, the Stick With Steve Team, packed up our bags last week and took off for Arizona to hone in on what we needed to learn to make ourselves better Realtors. Here are some photos from our trip.


Photos Above: This was an exercise in which on 1 side of the board we wrote one goal that we would like to accomplish and on the other side we wrote what was stopping us from accomplishing this goal. Then we proceeded into the other room where we stood in line and each of us broke through our board! This was an enlightening experience for me, because as soon as i found out that we were going to have to break this board with our hands, I was absolutely terrified. My anxiety level was through the roof, so I stood back and watched as my team members did it and then I watched some fellow attendees as well. Finally, I stepped up and was going to conquer this board. Everyone was cheering me on as they all could tell I was on edge about breaking the board. I wound my arm up and came down onto the board and it broke in half. I felt accomplished and now I feel like I can accomplish the goal that I had written on my board.



 This was an exercise we did with one of the  keynote speakers. It was very uplifting to  hear the responses back from the people  that we sent them to.