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Color is the personal finishing touch that pulls landscape together. It takes time and a bit of money, but the results are worth the effort. Plan color for maximum impact with minimal expense and effort.

Put flower color where you want to focus your attention. To make a small space feel larger, place warm colors (red, orange, and yellow) in the front of a garden and cool colors (blue, green, and purple in the back.

The most pleasing landscapes are those where color is uncomplicated. Too many shades and hues do little to enhance a house. Keep the planting in your front yard simple. Generally, a lot of busy color in the front is not a good feeling. Use a single color for a calm appearance.

Color is most effective when snuggled next to something green. Color needs the green backbone behind it to work well, and it should enhance your shrubs. Don’t put annuals out in the middle of the yard. They will get lost without a green backdrop.

A great location for color inspiration is the famous International Rose Test Garden in Portland's Washington Park. What you may not know is that Portland has two other rose garden parks: Ladd Circle Park & Rose Gardens (SE 16th Ave & Harrison St.) and the Peninsula Park Rose Garden (700 N Rosa Parks Way).

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